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About Us

The idea behind Crust came from (jokingly) talking about what we thought the perfect restaurant would be. It started as fantasizing during morning prep., But as time went on we realized we might just have something. It is the culmination of a lot of “vent sessions”, “learning the hard way,” and bourbon.

The Team

Great People; One lesson we have learned over time is the end product of a business is the product of your team, without them we are nothing. Of course, people will work for a paycheck. However, to really create a dynamite team they need to truly care about the people, the product and have pride in what they do. That is the environment we have created at CRUST.

Mission Statement

“We exist to craft remarkable food and experiences for our remarkable patrons and community.”


“Our goal is simple, bring customers kick-ass sandwiches, soups, salads & more in a laid-back atmosphere. Utilizing fresh, quality ingredients and making as much from scratch as we possibly can.”

We Really Care

Because we do! From our product to our staff, our customers, and community our goal is to craft the best quality food and experience to the best of our abilities.